Busy Bee 3's

Busy Bee 3’s program is carefully designed to be age and developmentally appropriate.  Focus is on a positive first introduction to formal academic learning through exposure to letters, shapes, colors, and social skills. Busy Bee’s engage
through active learning and play.  Students experience learning
in many ways including small group, one on one with teacher and learning centers so that each child can develop at their own pace.

Busy Bee 3’s students must be 3 by July 31 and potty trained.

Super Stars

Super Star’s continue to build on a child’s love for learning by encouraging growth in academics, character, social skills at their pace.  Students engage in multi-sensory activities, small groups, one on one teacher time and learning centers to build a strong foundation. 

SuperStars must be 4 by July 31st. 

High 5's

High 5 students will focus on building and strengthening academic, social interaction, group cooperative learning, communication and problem-solving skills.  Academics will build on previous knowledge and introduce concepts needed for Kindergarten such as phonetics, sight words, number concepts, number composing and decomposing up to ten to name a few.

High 5 class students must be 5 by October 1st

and have at least 1 year of preschool.